Grand Mondial Casino – 150 Mega Moolah spins for $10!

If you are looking for the best deal for online gambling, the welcome offer from Grand Mondial Casino is not to be missed!

For just a $10 deposit you get 150 spins on the progressive jackpot slot game Megah Moolah!

Experienced online slots players will know, Mega Moolah spins normally cost $0.25 each, so 150 spins is a $37.50 value – for just $10. This means every new player gets $27.50 in FREE SPINS!

It may sound too good to be true, but several other Casino Mondial players have become millionaires with the exact same offer (check out their stories below)!

Casino Mondial

Could you be the next instant millionaire?

Yes, it is actually true. Three lucky people have become millionaires soon after signing up for Grand Mondial casino welcome offer.

MG millionaire
M.G. celebrates becoming an instant millionaire.

M.G. won over €4 million in 2017 after signing up for 150 Mega Moolah spins for $10. After investing much of his winnings, M.G. bought a Porsche Cayenne big enough for his entire family to ride in.

Part time student K.T. had never gambled online before she decided to sign up for Grand Mondial in November 2017. She won $1.4 million the same day – more than enough to help her quit her two-part time jobs, become a full-time student, and take her entire family on lots of holidays!

In April 2018, S.K. began playing Mega Moolah around midnight. He had only joined Grand Mondial recently, and really enjoyed the progressive slot game. After winning several $10 prizes, he suddenly won a HUGE jackpot: over $5.6 million! S.K. donated much of his prize to a charity that helps young people stay in school, and is using the rest to make his family’s future more secure.

Every one of these lucky winners changed their lives shortly after signing up. Could you be next?

How do you join Grand Mondial Casino?

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Signing up for the Grand Mondial welcome offer is very easy. Just visit the welcome offer page and register with your name and payment details (a credit card, debit card, ewallet or financial account). Once you’ve setup your account, download the casino software and get ready to enjoy a fantastic game-playing experience.

With your minimum $10 deposit your account will automatically be credited with funds for 150 Mega Moolah spins ($37.50). You can start spinning straight away, and if you do you may find yourself the fourth Casino Mondial instant millionaire!

What is Mega Moolah?

The most exciting and unusual feature of the Casino Mondial welcome bonus is the free Mega Moolah spins that make up the offer.

Mega Moolah is a popular progressive jackpot slot game found on many of the world’s best online casinos. It is a high-quality slot game, of course, but what really makes it so popular is the huge jackpot amounts players can win instantly every time they play.

Mega Moolah is called a “progressive jackpot” because the jackpot amount is always climbing. Every time someone takes a spin, they contribute a small amount to the prize pot. The jackpot amount is almost always over a million dollars, and has previously climbed to over $10 million!

As a Casino Mondial member you will have 150 chances to be the next Mega Moolah winner, and this is an offer you will struggle to find at other online casinos. Here’s why:

Every time a player anywhere in the world plays Mega Moolah, the online casino they are playing has to pay Mega Moolah for each spin. Most casinos restrict free spins to games that cost nothing to play. Winners are required to “play through” their winnings before they can cash out, so the actual cost to the casino is rarely anything.

Free Mega Moolah spins are different, however. Your 150 spins have real value that you will not get from most other online casinos. If you win, you will have to meet a “play through” requirement, but because the $10 deposit amount is so small you certainly won’t’ mind this if you hit a multi-million dollar jackpot!


Grand Mondial CasinoThis winner’s story from Grand Mondial Casio is one of the very best. S.K. has only been a member of Grand Mondial Casino for a brief time, but he has already had an unforgettable experience with the famous online slot game Mega Moolah (and a cool $5,691,921.42 in his account as well).

“I love Mega Moolah, it’s really very interesting,” he said. “I like this game more than other games. I have seen the jackpot wheel around 15 times since I joined and won different amounts and then today it finally happened. I had no words, really!”

The stunned winner, speaking with so much enthusiasm, explained that where he lives they love to play Mega Moolah at Grand Mondial Casino as it is always available 24 hours. He loves how often the Scatters appear and describes how the game has a great design, look and feel. But the best of part of S.K.’s story is in the message he sent Grand Mondial Casino before his huge jackpot win:

“Hi team, I would like to tell you I enjoy Mega Moolah a lot. I have confidence and belief that surely one day I will get the jackpot,” he wrote in an email.

Little did he know back then how soon his prospects would change. We could feel the passion in the words, and hear the joy in his voice when we asked him what exactly happened the day his very own email was no longer just a fantasy.

“It was midnight, my heart told me to play Mega Moolah. I was only placing 25 cent bets and winning $10 at a time, but I just thought today this is happening! My heart was in the game.

“When the jackpot triggered I got a real shock. I called my friend, showed him my screenshot and he said I need a big party! This is a huge amount of money for me!”

The kindness and positivity you can feel from S.K.’s story means you may not be surprised when we tell you his plans for his unbelievable win.

A dedicated Christian community worker, S.K. witnesses so many of his neighbours not fortunate enough to support themselves or afford an education. For this reason, he would like to donate a big part of his win to help his charity work and aid young people to go to school. The rest of his winnings will go towards helping his family better plan their future.

By all accounts, it could not have happened to a nicer person and we’re thrilled to hear that this multimillion win will benefit a community!

If you’re feeling inspired by S.K.’s story and would like to see your story here too, all you have to do is spin the reels!

Play Mega Moolah NOW!


MG Grand Mondial millionaire
М.Г. став миттєвим мільйонером, який грає Mega Moolah з казино Grand Mondial!

One day, M.G. decided he would try something a little bit different. Having seen Grand Mondial’s enticing signup offer of 150 chances for £10 to become a millionaire, he registered as a new player and started to play the famous millionaire-maker Mega Moolah Online Slot with his chances.

It was not long before the legendary jackpot wheel appeared before M.G., and little did he know the difference this could make to his life with just one spin. Having only registered at the casino the day before, he was more than shocked!

“Before the wheel turned I was really hoping that it would land and stay on the 4.2 million,” he explained. “The jackpot is why I played! Then it did land there, it flashed and I thought, well, I’m not sure exactly what this means, I was a bit sceptical.”

A banker by profession and careful by nature, M.G. was very overwhelmed and stunned when he saw he had won. M.G. had never played online before, so he was not sure what to expect.

He quickly showed his colleague and they both began to research the casino and the terms and conditions.

“I work in a bank,” he said, “and I always tell my customers that they should be careful if they’ve heard they’ve won something and not give details away. This is why I was doubly careful not to look like an idiot!”

Millionaire M.G.
Легко грати в Grand Mondial Casino на своєму мобільному телефоні!

The thousands of reviews online and the results of their search gave M.G. the confidence to believe that this win could really be true, and when the VIP team from Grand Mondial called him to confirm it, he was absolutely delighted. M.G. revealed that he will be investing his win and treating himself to a Porsche Cayenne, big enough for all the kids!

We asked M.G. for a few words to all potential players who might have the same concerns as he had about playing online:

“You can trust the casino and believe them when they say you have won! Grand Mondial Casino is world class!”

We’re so happy for M.G. and for showing us again that anyone can win, anywhere, any time.

Once registered, it could take only one second to spin the big win. How long will it take to change your life?

Find out now!


K.T. has a pretty busy life. She works two jobs, studies part time and often barely has time to catch her breath. After a tough day at her job in a bank, she decided to try something a little different. With no expectations, K.T. clicked on Grand Mondial Casino and what happened next is beautifully brilliant…

K.T Grand Mondial Casino
K.T.: <<Чорт Забирай! Я збираюся виригати! Це такий прилив адреналіну!>>

Having played traditional slot machines in her local pub, she knew she really loved the thrill of spinning the reels, but playing online was not something she was used to. Her sister had recommended that she try Grand Mondial Casino’s brilliant sign up offer of 150 chances and so she thought she would give it a try.

Grand Mondial Casino was her first experience of playing online, and what an experience it was!

K.T. joined the casino on the 15th of November, and became Casino Rewards’ third millionaire this year… the very same day! Mega Moolah was the first game that K.T. went to, and when she saw the white Mega Moolah paw on the bonus wheel she knew she had to give it a go. One spin and suddenly, K.T. won $1.4 million!

When we called K.T. it was very emotional:

“This can’t be a thing! This is unreal! I had to keep checking and call my sister! There has been a lot of laughing and crying! The first thing she said was that I really deserve this!

“My grandpa always played the lotto every day saying he would win. I’ve been speaking to him, saying ‘I just want to win grandpa!’ I never believed that this would happen! He’s watching over me.

“Grand Mondial Casino has opened a whole new door to another world. It’s tacky but so true! Holy smokes! I’m going to throw up!”

Mega Moolah
K.T. став мільйонером, граючи Mega Moolah!

Never having had this kind of money before, our lucky winner is going to a financial planner straight away! K.T. is determined to share her good luck amongst her family and friends, and treat her long distance boyfriend with some more trips. She loves to travel, so she will use her winnings to go on some great holidays, but what will probably make the biggest difference, is that she can now study full time! With the peace of mind knowing that her funds are quickly and safely on their way thanks to our skilled and secure payments team, K.T. has so much to look forward to!

We asked K.T. how she felt about Grand Mondial Casino and she gave us this great response:

“I love being able to play anywhere, it’s convenient, easy, they have been amazing with any concerns, so patient, and the service is great! I read really good reviews and overall it’s been awesome!”

Winners truly are made. Million dollar jackpots are not just a dream. And Grand Mondial Casino is where could all begin.

Grand Mondial Casino – could you be the next instant millionaire?