Eurovision 2019 – who will win in Tel Aviv?

Europe’s favorite Song Contest will be back on your screens on 18 May, and Eurovision 2019 looks set to be just as exciting and quirky as ever. Set in Tel Aviv for the third time, the Eurovision carnival is set to make a big splash with its glitzy and glamorous international performers yet again.

If you’re one of the millions of music fans from around the world who wait for this contest every year, you may already have your favorite. If you’re thinking of placing a small wager on your hunch, here’s my analysis:

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Eurovision 2019: entries to watch

Duncan Lawrence
Duncan Lawrence

Duncan Lawrence, the performer from the Netherlands with the song “Arcade” is my pick to be most likely to win the Eurovision 2019. This prediction is being given by lots of bookmakers and fans . The Swedish singer John Ludwik is on the second line of the ranking with “Too late for love”. There is to mention that Sweden has always been ranked inside the top ten of the competition in the past five years. In 2012 and 2015, the singers from this country got the big trophy.

The Russian singer Sergey Lazarev and his “Scream” is also between the favorites, just like Switzerland’s Luca Henny with “She got me”, the Spaniard Miki Nunez, the singer from Cyprus Tamta and the Italian singer Mahmood.

While music lovers and bloggers are exposing their preferences, one country is slowly but surely moving forward, and no one notices. We are talking about the representative of Armenia, Srbuhi Sargsyan, better known under the stage name Srbuk. The Armenian delegation clearly decided to bet on intrigue. The presentation of the song was delayed until the very last minute of the final application day. The composition has collected half a million views in a matter of hours. The song “Walking out” is an ideal mix of gospel and pop-rock genres, which corresponds to the image of the performer and her vocal range. It opens slowly, and the climax is accompanied by a satisfying modulation. The beat-style tempo is pretty modern and popular in the western music industry. In short, the song stands out against the background of the prevailing ballads, although the structure consistently follows the pattern of Eurovision songs.

ZENA Zina Kupriyanovich
ZENA (Zina Kupriyanovich)

Belarus will be represented in Tel Aviv by the 16-year-old singer ZENA (Zina Kupriyanovich) with the song “Like it”. Bookmakers initially did not believe in the success of the East-European country at Eurovision this year and put the republic in the 30-31st place in the ranking. However, by the end of April, the chances of ZENA are even worse: she is ranked somewhere under the 35th place out of 41 participating countries. In the odds for reaching the top 10 of the first semi final, in which the Belarusian performer will take part, she is put on the 15th place out of 17.

Tulia is a band formed on the initiative of Tulia Biczak , which is joined on stage by Joanna Sinkiewicz , Dominka Siepka and Patrycja Nowicka . The band gained popularity thanks to the cover of Depeche Mode’s hit”Enjoy The Silence”. Before revealing its entry, Poland was unexpectedly rated with big chances of making the top 10 of this year’s competition, but after revealing the song, this country’s position has been falling steadily. Now bookmakers do not give Tulia any chance – Poland is currently 29th (out of 41 countries).

The British candidate for Eurovision 2019, Michael Rice , has a slightly easier task than other artists. The UK is on the Eurovision Big Five, which means that Michael Rice will not have to sing in the semi-finals. He has a guaranteed promotion to the final. Even though, UK is not a favorite even for the top 10 of the ranking being now rated as the 22nd favorite of winning the trophy.

Ukraine: the one that got away!


Ukraine initially intended to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, confirming its participation in the contest, after being one of the fans favorites last year . The Ukrainian national public broadcaster, UA:PBC, organised a national final in collaboration with the commercial broadcaster STB, as the country

used to do since many years, in order to find the Ukrainian act for the 2019 contest. Maruv emerged as the winner with the entry “Siren Song”. Few days after the final od the national selection, it was announced that Maruv would sign a participation agreement, but she refused. At the end of February, UA:PBC officially announced that Maruv has withdraw and that they would select the representative via internal selection. On 27 February, UA:PBC announced the withdrawal of the country.

Ukraine was supposed to sing in the first semi final of the competition and this fact was a blessing for Belarus, taking into consideration that these two countries used to give each other a lot of points. Now that Ukraine is not taking part anymore, Zena’s chances decreased drastically. Moreover, one of the favorites of the show, Russia, will feel the absence of Ukraine, a country that gave Lazarev 12 points in the televoting of the Grand Final of ESC 2016.

Trouser-wrestling with Bibi

Hatari at Eurovision 2019

If you’re going to watch one group this Eurovision, our recommendation is the Icelandic bondage-synth-punk trio known as Hatari that will be taking to the stage clad in leather to sing/scream a song about Europe crumbling. The message behind the Icelandic song is very meaningful as Hatari is entering Eurovision to bring down capitalism. The band started their promotion strategy by challenging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a friendly match of glíma (Icelandic trouser wrestling). If they win against Netanyahu, Hatari have said they would like to have the right of building a liberal BDSM colony on the Mediterranean coast.

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