Betway: an incredibly flexible $100 welcome bonus

If you are a Canadian looking for a attractive welcome bonus that won’t tie you in knots with strict terms and conditions, you’re going to love Betway.

Featuring a 100% matching bonus up to $100 in bonus funds, the Betway sports welcome bonus competes with the vert best on the market. What makes it extra-special is a Betway feature called “flexibonus.” With flexibonus, you can cancel your bonus at any time and keep all the real funds in your account.

Please be aware, Betway welcome offers vary from country to country. If you are reading this from the UK, check out the Betway £30 free bet offer at our sister site, UK Gambling.

At Betway, every matching bonus is a “flexibonus”

Every bonus credited to your Betway bonus balance is a flexibonus. This amazing feature lets players back out of a bonus any time and withdraw their cash – without needing to worry about wagering requirements.

This is completely different from most matching deposit bonuses offered by most sportsbooks and casinos. It is extremely common for real money and bonus money to be tied together for the full term of the bonus, with wagering requirements applying to both. When the wagering requirement is applied to a bonus only, even then there is no way to withdraw your cash early.

Deciding to end a flexibonus early is not cost-free of course. Ending a bonus agreement prematurely means forfeiting your original bonus and the winnings from this bonus that have not been played through yet. But having this option gives you a huge amount of freedom that is rarely found with other operators.

Wait, it gets better: Bonus to Cash Ratio

An experienced gambler and bonus connoisseur will likely ask at this point, how would it possibly be to my advantage to end a bonus early? Surely I will be required to play with my cash funds first for all bets before I can start betting with my bonus. Is there any scenario where I have a real cash balance when my bonus starts to become relevant?

Great question, and one we have a great answer for.

Every casino and sportsbook has different rules for placing bets when you are operating in a bonus. Some make you play with your bonus first, but many won’t let you access your bonus until your cash funds are depleted. As cash funds and bonus funds are regularly tied together, it can make little difference.

Betway instead use a system called “Bonus to Cash Ratio” or BCR. If you’ve just maxed out the 100% welcome deposit bonus to a full $100 in bonus funds, you now have a 50/50 BCR. All bets will be taken equally from your bonus funds and your cash funds as you wager. If you bet $10, $5 will come from your bonus funds and $5 from your real cash funds.

But here’s the kicker: your winnings will also be distributed through the BCR. If you win $25 from your $10 bet, half your winnings will be credited to your bonus balance, and half to your real cash balance.

Just in case you missed it, let us make that last point really clear: your real cash balance has no further wagering requirement. If you want to cancel your flexibonus – it will still be there for you to withdraw.

We’ve covered a bonus rules over the years, and this is a genuinely player-friendly set of rules.

Why would I want to cancel my flexibonus?

Just because Betway allow players to cancel a bonus doesn’t mean we think you should cancel one. Betway is a great, full-service sportsbook with all the fantastic features you expect whether you’re betting on hockey, the CFL, or anything else.

Instead, we think you should see the Betway bonus rules as a great indication that this is a sportsbook and casino work with. If they are going to treat you this well when you sign up, it is a sign that the rest of the operation is this player-friendly too.

Betway Canada

Other things to be aware of

You might be wondering, if the sports welcome bonus is so flexible, does it have an insanely high wagering requirement? The answer would be no, the Betway welcome bonus offer has a completely reasonable 10x wagering requirement.

If do decide to sign up for a Betway account, you will actually see two possible welcome offers: the one for sports we’ve been talking about, and one for the Betway online casino. The Betway casino welcome offer is for $1,000 in bonus funds, spread over several deposits. Just be aware, these bonus offers are for new customers only so you can’t get sneaky and take both. Sign up for the one that appeals to you the most.

The great news is the Betway flexibonus rules apply to the casino bonus as well.

There are other terms and conditions to be aware of – we have only highlighted the most interesting here.

And hey, the Betway sports bonus we’ve been talking about is for Canadian players only okay? This is a website called “Canada Gambling.” What did you expect, eh?